High-quality Paul PicotUK designed for collectors who know how to evaluate it. It features a variety of sophisticated features from Swiss watches and also has a “theme master” movement, the ALEMANIA movement, which has a tradition of high-end Swiss watches. Paul Picot’s best hour has passed the official Swiss chronometer management certificate. They are elegant and meaningful, which makes them a royal wristwatch.

Paul Picot specializes in the production of incredibly complex functional watches, including a calendar, a tourbillon, three enamels, a false hope, an empty one, and other features. Many of them accepted Paul Picot’s move. It means that the watches have an overall value and aesthetic value. Successful people will inevitably be affected by his actions.

Paul Picot armed mechanical watches: Series: Firshir; Style: gentlemen; action: automatic; model: caliber PP1650 (dynamically modified Lemania 8810 movement: 38H, drill number: 25, amplitude: 28800) Operation: stainless steel 316L; 21mm table: ear; Vertical ear cleaning: 45 mm; Ring size: 40.5 mm; Thickness: 6.9 mm; Cigarette: elegant steel 316L; Finally, at the bottom of the table: reflective glass sapphire glass, six screw-fasteners. Table glass: shiny sapphire crystal glass; Dial: charcoal gray, sunlight, radiation pattern; Belt belt: crocodile leather; Bracelet color: black; Bag: Bag; Waterproof: 30 meters; Function: When the needle is displayed.
All the details of the Swiss designs are so worthy that you will not regret their existence.